About Us

Shenzhen Liush Robot Co,. Ltd. is located in a beautiful garden, the Tao Hua Yuan Science and Technology Innovation Park in BaoAn District, Shen Zhen City.Liush Group has engaged in Automatic Coating Production Lines for 20 years, accumulating rich experience in the development of robot programming, automation technology designing and robot integrated designing. Our main businesses include robot spraying, powder spraying, spray painting, stamping, machine handling, packaging, grinding, polishing, palletizing, assembly, machining, laser cutting and welding and so on, and we are an experienced team with advanced technology, so that we are capable of providing customers with design, installation, programming, commissioning and customer service and other comprehensive services. OurAutomatic Coating Production Lines can bewidely applied in the transportation industry, construction machinery industry, electronic appliance industry and building materials and other industries. In order to improve the productivity of customers, create value for customers and provide first-class service for customers, we strive to solve customers problems to make sure that our robots become the highlight of improving our customers brand. Along with the enterprise personnel shortages and rising labor costs, the robot is increasingly valued by the enterprises, so we aim at achieving the goal of industry automation. Liush Robot Co,. Ltd.provides a set of automated robots integrated solutions for the enterprise manufacturer, and is committed to upgrading factory automation, customer satisfaction, as well as unmanned factory planning. The robot automation integrated design allows the robot, automation equipments, paint supply system, automatic spray guns, electric welding machines, PLC control system, transportation system, AGV logistics system and a mechanical hand to cooperate together perfectly, and complete the robot automatic unmanned operation control system perfectly.