About Us

Shenzhen liush robot Co Ltd is located in the beautiful the Peach Garden in Baoan science and Technology Innovation Park, Liu Xi group robot automatic coating production lines for 20 years, has accumulated rich experience in the development of robot programming, has high automation technology design and robot integrated design level. The main business of robot spraying, powder spraying, spray painting, stamping, machine handling, packaging, grinding, polishing, palletizing, assembly, machining, laser cutting and welding and so on, we have a rich experience and advanced technology team, to provide customers with design, installation, programming, commissioning and customer service comprehensive services widely the application in the transportation industry, construction machinery industry, electronic appliance industry and building materials and other industries. Do the robot automation engineering, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, TOYOTA, Caterpillar, John Deal, Fashite, Dicastal, Wanfeng, Baodi, the Great Wall, Foxconn and six HSBC etc.. In order to improve the productivity of customers, create value for customers and provide first-class service to customers, and strive to solve customer problems, so that the robot has become a customer to improve their brand new bright spot. Along with the enterprise personnel shortages and rising labor costs, the robot is increasingly valued by the enterprises, Liu Xi robot limited company to provide a set of automated robots integrated solutions for the enterprise manufacturer, is committed to upgrading factory automation and unmanned factory planning, customer satisfaction, remove the client menace from the rear. The robot automation integrated design allows the robot and automation equipment, paint supply system, automatic spray gun, electric welding machine, PLC control system, transportation system, AGV logistics system and a mechanical hand perfect together, and complete the robot automatic unmanned operation control system perfect.