Technical upgrade of glaze spraying robot

Posted on Dec 10th, 2015

LIUSH robot and spray glaze automation solutions

1, our products:
Provide various models of spray painting robot body, load from 3 kg to 20 kg, the radius of activity from 500 to 3000mm.
Provide a complete set of spray automation solutions:
Spray glaze and glaze supply system, robot, robot, robot spray paint supply system (powder), spray gun (powder), glaze spraying gun, transportation equipment, spray chamber, drying equipment, 3D scanning equipment, off-line programming software etc..

2, our service area
The main service in the automotive and spare parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic sanitary ware industry automation needs, in order to save manpower, improve efficiency, enhance the quality of the objective.

3, quality assurance
Our robot products have anti riot certification, reliable security.

4, the unique technology
In the face of different models of the bathroom industry, the furniture industry of different sizes of products, we can drag the robot teaching, eliminating the trouble of operating the handle programming, the robot trajectory procedures can be automatically generated.
And our company's unique scanning system, the workpiece can be analyzed, so that the robot automatically adjust the program, so you can spray a better effect.