Simple analysis of the development of spraying robot

Posted on Dec 11th, 2015

1. Development Prospects of Spraying Robot
The current state for the protection of the environment more and more attention, the powder can be achieved again by using recovery technology, which is different from the powder paint, will not cause pollution to the environment, so the powder coating also developed rapidly. The efficiency of artificial dusting is not very high, and the thickness of the powder can not guarantee the consistency is not homogeneous, so the robot can show the powder absolute advantage, eliminating the errors of manual operation, improve the rate of qualified products. So the development prospect is very good dusting robot.

2. Characteristics of the Spraying Robot 
A, product thickness consistency is very strong
B, improve production efficiency
C, improve product quality
D, exclusion of artificial errors
E, simple maintenance
F, a long time to significantly reduce labor costs
G, high investment value, improve enterprise visibility
H, long service life

3. Spraying Robot
1, the use of riot and explosion-proof two
2, the active load from 3 kg to 15 kg, the radius of activity from 600 to 3000MM.
3, very flexible flexible, 6 axis robot