The main advantages of spraying robot

Posted on Oct 20th, 2015

With the continuous development and perfection of the modern spraying process, the reform of the spraying machine technology is carried out at all times. Nowadays, the requirements of the automatic industrial production are gradually improved, and the principles of safe production and environmental protection are continuously carried out. The emergence of the spraying robot becomes inevitable. , And this high-tech spraying equipment can also be very good to meet the various requirements of the workpiece.
     Spraying robots, also known as spray painting robots, are industrial robots that can be painted or sprayed with other coatings. The painting robot is mainly composed of the robot body, the computer and the corresponding control system. The hydraulic driving sprayer also includes the hydraulic oil source, such as oil pump, fuel tank and motor. More use of 5 or 6 degrees of freedom articular structure, the arm has a larger movement space, and can do complex trajectory movement, the wrist generally have 2 to 3 degrees of freedom, can be flexible movement. The more advanced spray robotic wrist with flexible wrist, both in all directions to bend, but also turn, the action similar to the human wrist, can easily through the smaller hole into the workpiece inside, spraying its inner surface. Paint sprayers generally use hydraulic drive, with fast action, explosion-proof performance and other characteristics, can be taught by hand or point display to achieve teaching. Painting robots are widely used in automobile, instrumentation, electrical appliances, enamel and other production processes.

    Traditional spraying industry production, the need for a large number of front-line workers to complete. Due to the high requirements of the individual process, and the operating environment is relatively difficult, so many young workers discouraged. To this end, most of the spraying business is to raise wages and benefits to attract hard-working workers, and now young people in the choice of employment is more rational, they do not want to temporary "high salary" and damage their health, such a To the enterprise recruitment is very difficult. Liu Xi Robot Co., Ltd. into the automated production, the use of the spray robot, called hard-working good guy! What environmental factors, can not be stumped spray robot. At the spray site, workers remove the articulated arm of the spray robot, demonstrate the spray process, the robot's "brain" immediately record the track, and immediately start the intelligent software, combined with savings glaze, reduce scrap rates and other requirements, and soon calculate the optimization Of the spray operation procedures. Manager Zeng Ming said, "will dirty, tired, dangerous, repetitive monotonous work to the robot dry!" Robot foundry, to a certain extent, great protection of the first-line workers health workers.
    Spraying robots instead of artificial, to a large extent make up for the quality problems caused by artificial errors. Spray the robot to produce products, paint uniform, stable quality, high pass rate! Accurate digital standards, but also to protect the quality of products to enhance the yield. Take the spray part of the spray robot, the rigorous process of changing the past passive situation, the workers skilled unskilled, resulting in surface coating thickness of the uneven things do not happen.
     The main advantages of spray robots:
    1, flexible. Working range greatly.
    2, to improve the quality of spray and material usage.
    3, easy to operate and maintain. Can be off-line programming, greatly shorten the on-site debugging time.
    4, high utilization of equipment. Spray robot utilization rate of up to 90% -95%.
    It can be seen that the spray process is now part of the industrial production, it is necessary to meet some of the conventional requirements, with the continuous upgrading of the spraying process, the requirements continue to change, people on the transformation of the spray robot is also a moment. I believe that with the continuous development of science and technology in the future, modern spraying process will produce a qualitative leap.